Who am I?

I’m what you might call a Full-Stack Data Scientist.

Data Science is a process, not a product. I have experience with every step of that process. My completed projects include work you would call Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, Software Development, System Administration, Systems Research, and Systems Analysis—along with Data Science itself.

Beyond the technical work, Data Science requires communication. I have taught students and mentored colleagues. I have presented research to technical and non-technical audiences. I have written for academic researchers, technology professionals, and military officers.

Real solutions are system-oriented and user-focused. You need a data system to be technically sound from data collection to knowledge output. That system must be built for and usable by humans. I am passionate about bringing that orientation and focus to new challenges.

What have I done?

Here are a few of the highlights so far.

  • I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science.
  • I discovered and helped to correct more than 20 errors in ACAS-X, the next-generation international standard for Air Collision Avoidance.
  • I was Tech Lead on a set of generative AI projects with a total contract value >$1M.
  • I built GIS backend services for the top SaaS product for farm-land analysis.