The Re-Launch

Table of Contents

Like many (most?) people, I used to have a blog. It was a repository for works-in-progress, copies of presentations, technical musings, and how-to guides. Some time in the course of writing a dissertation, starting a professional career, having a few children, moving halfway across the USA, etc… It now comes up as a HTTP 502 error behind an expired certificate.

The reason

In October 2023, my former employer had to do a restructuring and reduction-in-force. It was the correct decision, even if it was inconvenient for me. It’s given me more time with the family and a good reason to start writing again.

The plan

This blog, should I be able to maintain it, will be like the old.

  • Notes about my works-in-progress
  • Copies of presentations I give
  • Technical musings
  • How-to guides
  • And, maybe add in some occasional hobby posting.

Should I not be able to maintain it… I will attempt to remove it from the Internet before anyone notices. Wish me luck!